Cloudyrion is a consulting boutique that was founded in 2020 following the target to provide a security consulting service to organizations across Europe. The main focus of the firm lies on security topics around cloud technologies and secure agile delivery pipelines. Cloudyrion's hand-peaked team brings expertise across numerous strategic programs to help develop and run secure services on cloud environments.

The main challenge of designing a cybersecurity brand is to communicate the feeling of security, protection and reliability without stating the obvious or fall back to generic symbolism. Furthermore, the name 'Cloudyrion' already positions the brand on the cloud technologies field, so there is no need to encode this particular meaning either. Instead, the logotype shifts the viewer's attention to the end of it, where the last syllable suddenly becomes the most important signifier by forming a toggle symbol out of the first glyph.

The overall visual system paired with the slogan 'Consulting You Can Rely On' conveys the brand message perfectly. Solid typography, vibrant colors and clean icons and illustrations further contribute to a certain level of confidence and provide a consistent brand experience.

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